GWEHS: A Genome-Wide Effect Sizes and Heritability Screener

GWEHS website


During the last decade, there has been a huge development of Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS), and thousands of loci associated to complex traits have been detected. These efforts have led to the creation of public databases of GWAS results, making a huge source of information available on the genetic background of many diverse traits. Here we present GWEHS (Genome-Wide Effect size and Heritability Screener), an open-source online application to screen loci associated to human complex traits and diseases from the NHGRI-EBI GWAS Catalog. This application provides a way to explore the distribution of effect sizes of loci affecting these traits, as well as their contribution to heritability. Furthermore, it allows for making predictions on the change in the expected mean effect size, as well as in the heritability as new loci are found. The application enables inferences on whether the additive contribution of loci expected to be discovered in the future will be able to explain the estimates of familial heritability for the different traits. We illustrate the use of this tool, compare some of the results obtained with those from a previous meta-analysis, and discuss its uses and limitations.

Genes, 10(8)